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Let’s Get Your Kids Reading 

Like the independent little humans they are! 

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  • 1:1 coaching from a professional who gets it           (I'm a mum with a child who struggled too)

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Guiding you to be your child's best teacher

Katy Reeve 

Ever felt frustrated with how you are helping your struggling reader? 
Felt like, well I guess this is the way kids learn to read...
That's not true. There is another way. 

I have helped 100's of parents to teach their kids to read in a way that is best for THEIR struggling readers.


It's not going to tell you to wait until they are ready. It doesn't ask you to just keep reading to your child and talk about books or to follow the school system and fit in with the others in the class. It's about giving your child what they need. 

With my holistic approach (mindset, routines,   'how to' guides and praise) I guide you, so you don't have to worry that you will make it worse or have any more battles at home.


You know your child best

You can be consistent

You can make sure they get what they need


You are their best teacher!

Do you want to get your child reading?

Let's do this. 


How can I help you grow your readers for life?

Reading Books for struggling readers

Free Resources

Free resources to get you started or refocus how you read with your struggling reader at home.


how to help a struggling reader

1:1 Coaching

Work with me so you can become your kid's powerful reading partner. 

I offer a completely no-obligation no-pressure chat

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"I found Katy's slow it down to speed it up plan brilliant! I can now see progress with my child's reading. I have stopped worrying so much and started to enjoy our time reading together."

Julie S

Mum of twins aged 10

finding books for struggling readers

Help your struggling reader -take the free quiz!

Take the two-minute quiz to find the right way to help YOUR struggling reader - is it Phonics, Read Aloud, Comprehension or Reading Together?


Plus get helpful and easy to use tried ‘n’ true tips for getting your kids reading.

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